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Girls in shorts and rollerblading.  Just... wow.  AKA how to get me instantly hot.
Lately I've been chatting more with people I meet online.  Which is good.  Social interaction is good.

What's not good is massive amounts of frustration with Daniela wanting to throw things at her computer or just ram the computer itself.

Oh, did i mention I am having problems with my internet connection?
I am sadly disappointed that about half of the people just look at me funny when I talk like a pirate.  Don't these people know it's talk like a pirate day?

What?  I'm sure there were gimpy lesbian pirates! I would totally fit in.
Wow, I hope I never get drunk enough to think that putting a rattlesnake in my mouth is a good plan: http://www.kgw.com/news-local/stories/kgw_091807_news_snake_bite.e71569c8.html
I wonder about the whole professional dress code.  Yes, I work with clients (students) and obviously we want to appear neat when they come to us for services but really how much does the level of service relate to the type of clothes?

Just wondering... because I could go all casual, all the time.
I'm already digging this livejournal thing and I haven't even really written any significant posts.  The social aspect of the communities looks great and I think that being able to connect with folks with various interests in common will probably be more valuable than just writing rant after rant or any personal rambling entries.  I'm going to post, don't get me wrong, but I'm also excited about connecting with people.
Supposedly writing is therapeutic so we'll see what ends up getting dumped to this screen.